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   What started as a simple admiration of music by an unknown group has now turned into more of a life process. In late 1997, I heard the Dixie Chicks for the first time- I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of them. I Can Love You Better was a horrid song in my eyes. Then, in early 1998, I heard them once again, and fell in love. At first it was a simple love for the music. Then, as I learned more of three young women dominating/changing country music, I began to fall in love with the Dixie Chicks. I bought Wide Open Spaces, and it hasn't left my CD player since.

I know you probably get this a lot, but.....   I had a small fan page on my website, but then as I learned more and more about the Chicks I started a mission- to compile as much information about the Dixie Chicks as possible. Almost every Chicks fan site on the web has the same layout, pictures, sounds, and news. I have just picked the best and put them together. I have read of the recognition that site owners have received from the Chicks personally, and that is more than I could ever ask for. I just want to tell the world about the Dixie Chicks- how talented, graceful, humble, grateful, and beautiful they are.

   I hope that I have accomplished something with this site- introduced one more person to the Dixie Chicks, the loveable girls that they are.

   Please visit my personal website if you have the time. Thank you for visiting- I really appreciate all of the letters of congratulations.


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