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Full Name: Natalie Louise Maines
Birthdate: October 14, 1974 (24)
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Previous Occupation: "Orlando's Italian Restaurant" Waitress
Hair Color: platinum blonde, worn short
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Parents: Tina, Lloyd Maines (Maines Brothers Band)
Martial Status: divorced, Michael Tarabay
Siblings: sister, Kim (news staff at KXAN-TV)
Idol: Buck Owens
Right or Left?: She's right handed
Pet Peeve: People who chew gum (remember, no cavities)
Hobbies: reading, decorating her home, watching movies at least twice a week

Movie: "Grease"
T.V Show: Party of Five
Actor: John Travolta
Childhood Hero: Sandra Dee
Fashion: she likes to cover her shoulders
Christmas Song: "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" ("The Christmas Song"), the version by Nat King Cole.
Christmas Family Memory: "The Christmas when I got my Easy-Bake Oven."
Singers: James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Maria McKee

Natalie started her singing career at the age three, and spent her summers in studios, at family jam sessions and performing with her father. Her grandfather was also a musician. She spent her childhood watching her father's band play and began sitting in onstage when she was just a little kid. Growing up in a family like the Maines family, it's hard not to be musical. At the age of 4, she was discovered standing on a desk at the hospital where her mother worked, giving a note-perfect rendition of 'Greased Lightnin'. In school, she would say, "Oh, I don't wanna do this math and science. I'm gonna be a star."

And a star she wanted to be. Her start was on piano when she was 12 and she most recently has taken up acoustic guitar. In 24 short years, Natalie has sung on several albums by well known Texas artists and won a vocal scholarship to Berkelee School of Music in Boston in 1994. When Martie and Emily called Natalie to ask her to be their lead singer, Natalie said she had a volleyball game that night and the next day a big Economic test. But about 4 days later, she checked out of college and started singing. Now when she's out on the road, she is addicted to the treadmill, to help her stay in shape.

Natalie got a distinguished alumnus award from Berklee College in Boston on March 16, 1999. She studied voice there in 1995 before leaving to join the Chicks.

What The Chicks Say...
"Natalie at this point is like a sister. We respect her as an artist, but we knew her family, we knew she came from a great foundation of people and was someone we could get along with as a friend as well as a bandmate. Natalie is probably the most outgoing in terms of doing bizarre things and being out there and being the crazy one. She does that on stage as well as real life." - Emily

Did You Know?

* Natalie has never had a cavity...
* Natalie considered herself a flower child while in college and had a "world" and the Latin word for "Peace" tattooed on her ankle...
* "Shake Your Booty" was the first song Natalie learned to sing...
* Natalie knows every word to the movie Grease...
* Natalie was spotted watching the Nashville pro hockey team by ESPN in Nashville...
* Natalie was a cheerleader in high school...
* When Natalie was a waitress, she never would sing the birthday songs at Orlando's..
* Natalie once threw Martie in the mud...
* Natalie was spotted at a Faith Hill concert at the Ryman in May...

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