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Heartbreak Town
Written by Darrell Scott. "I sang Natalie some of my songs. 'Heartbreak Town' was one that I played for her, and I could tell then that she really liked it. The Dixie Chicks' producers already knew the song, so I guess it was just a matter of, 'Let's go into the studio and try it.'" "It's actually a negative song about Nashville -- how people come here and have their dreams broken." - Natalie

Goodbye Earl
Written by Dennis Linde. The song isn't so much about the husband but the two friends Wanda and Mary Ann. Wanda is abused by Earl, then Mary Ann comes to the rescue. Though the Dixie Chicks will have it on their new album, Sons of the Desert will also have it on their new album and release it as a single.

Sin Wagon
Co-written by Natalie Maines and Emily Erwin with Stephanie Smith (It's Your Love). For awhile the girls wanted this to be the album title. But the record company had a slight dislike over the song. "It's about a girl whose been good for way too long and she goes out and does all her sinning in one night," said Maines with a big laugh.

Cowboy Take Me Away
"Martie wrote that with Marcus Hummon about Charlie and me. About how I found the guy who swept me off my feet, very much a romantic, loving song." - Emily Robison

Tonight The Heartache's On Me
Written by Mary W. Francis, Johnny Macrae & Bob Morrison. The combination of Natalie Maines brassy vocals combined with sisters Martie Seidel and Emily's instrumental prowess have turned out another strong single with "Tonight The Heartache's On Me." The single, their most traditional release to date, tells the story of a jilted relationship. Strong instrumentation and powerful harmonies are the highlights of the song. The Dixie Chicks and this song should help keep traditional country music alive on country radio. - CountryChatter

You Were Mine
Written by Martie Seidel and Emily Erwin. After their parents divorce when the Erwin sisters were still in their teens, the girls expressed their pain through this hit song. Emily wrote the majority of You Were Mine, but couldn't think of a bridge that she wanted. Martie wrote the bridge and the fans say that's the best part... "He's two and she's four and you know, they adore you.. so how can I tell them, you've changed you mind..."

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