from dixiechicksfans.comThe 34th Annual Country Music Association Awards Show reflected the diversity that has come to typify modern country music. But with styles ranging from the traditionalists like Alan Jackson to pop-inspired country artists like Jo Dee Messina, it was the Dixie Chicks with their unique blend of traditionalist sounds and contemporary themes that walked away from the Grand Ole Opry House as the big winners of the night.

The Texas trio began the evening by climbing the stage to receive the Video of the Year Award for their controversial "Good Bye Earl" video. "Earl did have to die," lead singer Natalie Maines said as she reached the mic. The Chicks went on to express amazement at the award before thanking the radio stations that played the controversial track.

The Chicks later turned in the most spirited and entertaining performance of the evening as they brought their latest single, "Sin Wagon," to life on stage. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, the Chicks were devilishly dressed for debacle as they turned the CMA Awards show stage into a stylized interpretation of hell. Wardrobe aside, the Chicks likely ruffled a few feathers singing about "12 ounce nutrition" and even "mattress dancin'" (that's right, they sang mattress dancin') on the biggest night in country music.

As the evening went on the Chicks would make three additional trips to the stage to pick up Vocal Group, Album and Entertainer of the Year Awards. By the night's close it seemed that Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robison would run out of people to thank but the list went on and on,and ultimately extending to roadies and bus drivers.

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