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Fly - 1999

Released August 31, 1999

Over three million sold!

1. Ready To Run
   Released 07/10/99, Highest Peak #2
2. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me
3. Cowboy Take Me Away
   Released 11/08/99, Highest Peak #1
4. Cold Day In July
5. Goodbye Earl
6. Hello Mr. Heartache
7. Don't Waste Your Heart
8. Sin Wagon
9. Without You
10. Some Days You Gotta Dance
11. Hole In My Head
12. Heartbreak Town
13. Let Him Fly
14. Wherever You Are (May not be on album)

Fly lyrics

Why Fly?

Because Sin Wagon wouldn't be "appropriate" and O.K the obvious: We're chicks, chicks have wings, chicks learn to fly, these chicks racked up frequent flyer miles, but if you would allow three blondes to take a quick dive into the deep end (one hour after eating of course) here goes. Martie came into the studio (late as usual) and said, "How about FLY?" We all three knew from that moment on it had to be the name.

When the album was completed we were surprised too by how many references to "fly" there actaully are. It wasn't until later that all the meanings surfaced. We've always wanted our albums to be a snapshot in time, a look into our lives. We felt "I'm Gonna Let Him Fly" put Natalie's need to fly on her own into words, and "Fly this girl as high as you can" (Cowboy Take Me Away) spoke of emily finally finding true love. The most important of all is our career taking flight. Thanks to the following people for helping us fly:

The fans for inspiring us to continue our journey through the wide open spaces; country radio for knowing a good thing when you hear it (he, he) - we truly know what you have done for our career.

Wide Open Spaces - 1998

Released January 2, 1997

Wide Open Spaces
Over 11 million sold!

1. I Can Love You Better
    Released 10/27/97, highest peak #5
2. Wide Open Spaces

    Released 7/28/98, highest peak #1
3. Loving Arms
4. There's Your Trouble
    Released 4/14/98, highest peak #1
5. You Were Mine

   Released 12/07/98, highest peak #1
6. Never Say Die
7. Tonight The Heartache's On Me
    Released 4/03/99, highest peak #6
Let 'Er Rip
    Released 5/29/99, highest peak #64
9. Once You've Loved Somebody
10. I'll Take Care Of You
11. Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)
12. Give It Up Or Let Me Go

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  • Stand By Your Man - Tribute To Tradition 1998
  • Somewhere Down The Road - Deryl Dodd (Martie's plays fiddle), 1998
  • Grammy Nominees-Mainstream - 1999
  • Ready To Run & You Can't Hurry Love - "Runaway Bride" soundtrack - 1999
  • Please Be San Antone - Emily co-wrote song on Jim Lauderdale's album "Onward Through It All" - 1999

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