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Frequently Asked Chicks Questions...

Q: How do I get in the Dixie Chicks Fan Club?
A: There is no fan club -- it was disbanded in July 1998 when "There's Your Trouble" hit #1 and the volume became too overwhelming. The next best thing is this discussion list, with over 300 members. To subscribe (for free!), send a blank e-mail to -- but be ready for 20+ messages a day!

Q: Do the Dixie Chicks have a web page?
A: They debuted the new Dixie Chicks page to coincide with the release of their new album, Fly, on August 31,1999. The new features multimedia graphics and a mailing list. They used to have an e-mail address, but the volume of mail made it impossible for them to answer messages personally and the address has since gone away. They do recommend a couple of their favorite fan pages:

Nici's UnOfficial Dixie Chick Site

Sony Nashville

Q: When will the Dixie Chicks come to my town?
A: The Dixie Chicks' concert schedule is available at their Sony Nashville web page, as well as this site's Tourdates page.

Q: Where can I order Dixie Chicks T-Shirts, buttons, and other merchandise?
A: You used to be able to order this stuff directly from the Chicks, but it is now no longer available except at concert appearances and at their website. If you'll buy it at any price, you can often find Dixie Chicks memorabilia at eBay.

Q: How can I meet the Dixie Chicks? How can I get backstage?
A: The smaller the venue, the better your chances. Huge concerts (like the George Strait Country Festival) have massive security and your chances of getting close to the Chicks are close to zero. At smaller venues, some list members have had better luck getting past security before the show. You may be able to wait near the bus, but discretion is essential. Don't do anything to call attention to yourself, and keep your expectations low.

If you're at a honky tonk or similar venue, they may set up an autograph table. Find it, and spend the concert there, even if you don't get as good a view of the Chicks. Otherwise, you'll be at the end of the line and the girls will be half-dead by the time you tell them that you really are their biggest fan.

Don't forget the boys in the band. They'll be on stage cleaning up, while the stars are getting all the attention. Just walk up to the stage and holler, especially if you know their names. They'll be happy to get the attention. But bring your own pen -- they never seem to have one. Bring several, and let the guys keep them.

Q: Did the Dixie Chicks release any albums before "Wide Open Spaces"?
A: Yes, they released three albums and a single on an independent label.Visit for (completely unofficial) details on the group's history.

(Note: the author of this FAQ is the owner of that site)

Q: I want to unsubscribe!
A: Darling, didn't your mommy tell you to keep the messages you get from the list server when you subscribe to a list? Just send a blank message to this e-mail address and you'll be out like a light:

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