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     OMG OMG OMG y'all!!! This was the most amazing, impressive, adrenaline-rushing, skilled, beautiful performance I have ever seen in my entire life!!  I can't even believe that I was so fortunate to be able to see these three, the Goddesses of County, perform before me very eyes!  I am still in awe of the energy, grace, and skill that Natalie, Martie, and Emily put into each and every show!  I had been reading the reviews and hearing everyone talk about their experiences, but no description can sum up what was, to me, the greatest feat I have ever seen in me life!  Please forgive the poor photo quality, as the disposable camera and quick scans make for bad graphics....

Takin Our Turn on the Sin Wagon!

Departing from Grandma Betty's!!! Yee Hawww!!!     Okay, so it all started early Saturday morning.  I was up at 7 a.m. in anticipation of the biggest day of me life.  Four dragging hours brought me to 11 a.m., when Cheyenne finally got to me house and we departed to pick up Keri and Katie in Waukomis.  While in Waukomis, we stopped in at me Grandma's house and took our first shots before we set out on our adventure.  I got out my handy dandy shoe polish and scrawled on me back window what would bring us quite a few interesting looks as we drove to, through and back from the big city.  We all thought it was cute.

     We stopped in Hennessey to "eat 'em up" at Taco Mayo, where we all chowed on nachos and burritos! We giggled, sang and stressed our way to Oklahoma City.  This was my first time to drive myself on a major interstate, let alone DOWNTOWN OKC!  We made it there in perfect time, no wrecks, no bruises, but very excited to find the CMT truck parking just at the Myriad when we drove up at 2 p.m..  We drove around the Myriad, and what do we see but CHICKS TOUR BUSES sitting outside the arena!!  Had I not been driving, I would have taken photos of these beast machines that get to haul the Music Maidens to their every destination.

Illegally inside the Myriad's elevator!!!!   The EMPTY booth!   Watching the stage being built!

@*&!^#!%$ Ticket Printer!!!     So, we park (the only ones in the 5000 space garage) beneath the Myriad after a 20 minute fiasco that included me hitting the stupid parking ticket thingy and me jumping up and down and saying me favorite four lettered words.  The girls, as usual, had to go to the bathroom, so I naughtily said, "Let's go inside the building and maybe get to sneak a peek."  The next thing you know, we are in the Myriad watching the rigging crews put up the Chicks' stage!!!  We had free roam of the building for a good half hour, and we just walked around, looking at everything, trying to act non-chalant about it  to blend in.  We all tried to take pics of the stage as it was being put together, but only a few came out.  I found the booth and snooped through some boxes but only found the little lanyard things they give away.   We were all just completely freakin though, because *OMG* we were illegally in the same building as the Chicks!!

Oklahoma City National Memorial   Oklahoma City National Memorial   Oklahoma City National Memorial

     I soon enough decided that we should leave as to not get thrown out.  We trekked 20 blocks across Downtown and visited the Alfred P. Murrah National Bombing Memorial site, where we got some excellent pics, but got exhausted outside in the 100+ degree heat, so we went back to the Myriad area to visit the Bricktown area.  We rode down the canal and got to see the progress on the MAPS projects, blah blah.  At 5 p.m., we decided to go eat at Zios, an Italian ristorante on the riverfront of the Canal.  We had to wait in line with these little Chicks wannabe sluts for over an hour!  I was getting so pissed at these ho-bitches weating halter tops leather pants and pink cowboy hats coming in and being all like, "I love the Dixie Chicks hee hee!"  ARGH, and the entire concert was filled with...I would say about 5,000 of these little bitches, some of them no older than 13-14. Ewwwww.

Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal   Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal   Inside Zio's---- who pinched Cheyenne's booty?

THE CMT BLIMP YAY!     So at 6:30 p.m. we decided to go back to the Myriad after not being able to eat any of our dinner since we were so pumped.  We went underground to the now packed garage and got our tickets, lighters, and binoculars and went upstairs.  We waited in line for a good 20 minutes and got to hear the Chicks doing the sound check.  I got tired of waiting for them to take tickets, so we hopped on an elevator, snuck Katie needed help applying her Chicks tattoo...through some doors, and just went in thanks ot this one lady who graciously took our tickets immediately. WOW, we were some of the first people in the arena for the second time that day!  We registered at the now busy, staffed booth and I talked to a few of the people who were chosen of the little online register thing.  Then we found the merchandise table-- yee haw! $95 later, I owned two tour shirts, the Earl sticker, the magnets, the picture book and the tattoo.

Ready to Run!

Cheese it, please!    When we find our seats, we realize that our seats aren't THAT bad and we begin to socialize with the people around us, and meet two neato married couples that just thought I was the funniest thing.  They took pictures of all of us for us, and asked us questions like where we were from, etc.  One of the husbands tried to stump me with some GOOD Chicks trivia, but I answered ALL of his questions correctly.  There were two guys in front of us that made five, yes we counted-- five, trips to the beer man before the opening act.   During the concert one of them passed out and the other danced slowly to Sin Wagon, and quickly to CTMA.  The conscious one also offered my friend Keri a shot of Tequila...

    The television screen was great, and we jammed to some videos and the tour commercials while anxiously awaiting Patti to hit the stage.  When Ms. Griffin did perform, I was less than impressed.  I'm not sure if she even knows what kind of music she is.  She is a good musician, but a terrible performer.  She was only on stage for 35-40 minutes, and when she said that she was beginning her last song, the arena roared all the way through the last it.  She wore this little black tank top that let her little girl-pooch stick all the way out, which made her look heavy with child.  Ironic, because the lead singer of the headlining performers WAS heavy with child at the time... Hehehe...

Boo on you Nathan.....    So when the magic moment finally arrived, I was on top of my seat screaming and hollerin' for Nathan to let me compete in the dance contest after he was dropped from that huge giant fly and he ran right up to our seating area.  All of the people around us knew that KIEL WAS THE ONE TO WIN---THE ULTIMATE CHICKS FAN.... Well guess what he picked a cute little girl and a fat guy to compete.  We screamed louder for the girl.  So I didn't catch a football or get to dance or make animal noises, but I was very content with our seating.   Lenny Kravitz came on the speakers, and I wasted my entire voice singing Fly Away, but oh my sweet Mary I had tears in me eyes when I saw Natalie in person on that stage.   I was deliriously happy and joyed to be in the same room with the woman I long to simply say hello to. 

Ahhhh, chillin with the Chicks on the Big Red Couch...    Those girls jammed for 2 hours and 15 minutes solid-- no breaks, except to move the couch on the stage, and for them to get to and from the encore positions in the arena.  Natalie had a bottle of water on the stage and she only drank from it once the entire time.  Katie and I danced out asses of through every song, and even though I strained a vocal chord, I still belted out every song with white hot intensity.  I wasn't as great as the blonde beaut on stage, however... Martie and Em looked great and performed  wonderfully, with grace and precision.  I loved how they were all over the stage, even letting the people with seats behind the stage get a good look at them.

   The song list was as follows:

Ready to Run
There's Your Trouble
Hello Mr. Heartache
I Can Love You Better
If I Fall
Tonight the Heartache's on Me
Heartbreak Town
Let 'Er Rip
Cold Day in July
Let Him Fly
Strong Enough
The HeeHaw Theme
You Were Mine
Give it Up or Let Me Go
Sin Wagon
Goodbye Earl
Wide Open Spaces

I'm sure this isn't completely accurate, but it's as close as I can remember it...

"Martie!!! Oh my God it's Martie!!!!"   "Give it up Martie!!!"   No!! You cannot have de Natalie!

    During the encore, I knew that one of the girls would be DIRECTLY above us, where Nathan was at the halftime show.  I saw her shadow run up the stairs in the darkness, and when the spotlight came on, it was Martie!!! She was so awesome!!! All I had to do was step out into the aisle and go up two steps to be right beside her!!! Well, these drunks on our row at the end of the aisle wouldn't move so I made due with what I had....  Natalie was right below us on the floor and Emily was on the opposite side of the arena.  The energy displayed through the show was almost electric.

   One interesting little tidbit!  I happened to record a cutsey little message on me cell phone during the concert.  You can relive your concert experience by calling my cell phone now, to hear the Chicks open up Heartbreak Town...  E-mail me, and if you're special enough, I'll give you the number to call to hear it!!!

My final memory of the Chicks....performing Wide Open Spaces...

    After the show the four of us waited for the crowd to clear out, until the Myriad people asked us to leave.   Whatever!  We were tired and deaf, and Kiel couldn't speak.  So we journeyed home after an hour wait in the COMPLETELY full parking garage that was so busy thet they didn;t make us pay for parking as we left.  We stopped at the Wal*Mart Supercenter in Yukon for donuts and chocolate milk so Kiel could stay awake on the 2-hour drive home.  I had to work the next day, and I couldn't speak to the customers so it was somewhat difficult, but. who cares, because the Dixie Chicks brought four friends closer together, and completely gave me the most memorable day in my life to this point!

Thank God for the Dixie Chicks!

    I am currently waiting for tickets to go on sale for the October 10th concert in Wichita.  I'm not even sure if I'll be able to go, since it's on a Tuesday, and in a city in which I've never been to in me life..... I am deeply saddened by this possiblity.  I'm not sure what I'll do if I'm denied Chicks viewing privliges.... sniffle sniff sniff...


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